Dr. Chan is proud to offer the latest in implant technology and treatment methods to patients who wish to restore the appearance and functionality of their teeth. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots designed to support dental restorations that replace missing teeth. Considered to be the most long-lasting solution to missing teeth, dental implants restore a patient's ability to chew, speak and smile confidently.

Depending on your needs, dental implants can replace one tooth or multiple teeth. Each dental implant will be customized to fit the unique specifications of your mouth. To ensure your smile looks as natural as possible, we will carefully craft your dental implant to match the size, shape and color your natural teeth.

With Dr. Chan, you can expect natural-looking implant results and be completely comfortable during treatment. Dr. Chan uses the strongest, most durable materials to create implants. His experience and skill allow him to safely and precisely place implants so they fit perfectly in your mouth. Since dental implant surgery is performed under anesthesia, so you will feel no pain. Dr. Chan and our friendly staff make every effort possible to make each patient feel as ease. We offer several sedation dentistry options to help anxious patients relax and feel comfortable during every visit with us. Best of all, with proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime.

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